Travel with like-minded students to unique events and destination

Yes-Trips organizes trips for ESN sections and students. 

Yes-Trips organises trips to events and destinations everyone must see at least once in their lives such as Oktoberfest, King’s Day, Carnival or various beautiful cities

With Yes-Trips your ESN membership card will get you:

-Discounted access to amazing trips

-Free goodies

-Free upgrades such as breakfast or drinks

-An amazing experience


About Yes-Trips

Yes-Trips started back in 2009 with a simple bucket list filled with unique trips. After an international student exchange and meeting a lot of international people via ESN who loved the idea, a few ESN members decided to scratch off the first event on that list: Oktoberfest. During the first few years it remained a small student project in the city of Maastricht, aimed to help people experience epic trips and events. Finally in 2014 the company Yes-Trips is born and over 15.000 students travel every year to various events and destinations. Some of the biggest events are King’s Day in Amsterdam (3500 students), Oktoberfest (2000 students) and various national trips for national ESN Boards.


When Can We Book Trips?

The trips will resume as soon as the border situation and the health measures allow for it. Please keep an eye on this page and our Facebook page for updates.