Terms & Conditions - Ryanair

  • The applicable discount will be of 15% off the total final fare.
  • The free-checked luggage will be applicable to each of the flights. This must be of up to 20kg.
  • This offer is applicable only to 8 single flights (or 4 return) per ESNcard holder.
  • The student or trainee must be in posession of a valid and active ESNcard both at the time of booking and flying.
  • The ESNcard holder must register in ESNcard.org and add all mandatory fields to its profile, included its ESNcard number.
  • The ESNcard holder must create a (or log into their) myRyanair account and add their ESNcard details in the correspondent "Erasmus" tab. After this, your details will need to be validated before being entitled to have access to the discount. Any flights booked without prior validation of your ESNcard will not be entitled to the 15% discount and standard market fares will be applicable.
  • The discount will only be applicable to bookings made via the booking widget that can be found in the "Erasmus" tab of the user's myRyanair account.
  • This offer is valid to flights booked following the aforementioned process and only between the 1st of September and the 15th of June, both included.
  • The bookings must be made, at least, 28 days before the date of the flight in order to be entitled to the discount.
  • Discount is not retroactive and will only be applicable to bookings made using the aforementioned widget and during the time frame in which this agreement applies.
  • If any flight is booked using the Erasmus widget, hence, entitled to the offer and the ESNcard of the user is not validated before the date of flying, the passenger will be requested to pay the difference of the price at the boarding gate. To avoid such situations, the user must make sure its ESNcard is still valid and its user's profile in ESNcard.org is fully updated.
  • The offer only applies to bookings made when the traveller is the ESNcard holder. Any booking made with the discount for different travellers to the owner of the ESNcard will be considered a fraudulent action, hence, the booking can be cancelled without any liability on ESN or Ryanair; or may the traveller be requested to pay the difference of the flight at any time.
  • Bookings made through the myRyanair APP do not fall under the scope of this offer. Only bookings made in the desktop version and using the aforementioned widget will be considered for the offer.
  • To validate the ESN membership and user's active ESNcard, information in your myRyanair account will be matched with information in your ESNcard.org profile, meaning the user must have valid and correct information in both profiles.
  • ESN or ESNcard will not be liable of anything related to the flight, other fares the passenger decides to pay for or, in general, anything that falls under the direct administration and customer service between Ryanair and the passenger. For this cases, the user must directly refer to Ryanair's customer service.