Restaurant Stari Fijaker

Mesnička street, a street where the city fortresses, city houses and mansions used to be. A place where the toll-house and city entrance used to stand along with the so-called Mesnička gate with the chappel of St. Ivan Nepomuk.

The street where the greatest novelist and narrator of Zagreb- August Šenoa lived and died. The place where the most renown writer of north Croatia on the end of 18th century-Tituš Brezovački found his peace. It always had refection for tired travellers and guests.Some twenty years ago, there was “Tri Lovca” that was very familiar to older residents of Zagreb and younger habitants remember it as first cellar “Stari Fijaker” that was renewed on the 25th of August, 1994. for the 900th anyversary of city of Zagreb.

Guiding and renovation of Stari Fijaker has been taken by the current owner, family Juras, with their fourteen people of personnel.In newer history, Mesnička street is located in the center of Zagreb, which is only 5 minutes away from the main city square- Jelačić square. It links Lower with Uppper town.

Stari Fijaker was the first restaurant in Croatia to have been awarded the "Croatian authentic cuisine" certificate.

Welcome and bon apetit

Best wishes from the Juras family and personnel!

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