Naked Pizza & Wine

The best pizza restaurant for authentic Neapolitan pizza and fine wine in the heart of Tallinn's Old Town!

Why is Naked Pizza & Wine so special compared to other pizza places in town?

Naked Pizza & Wine is very proud to offer its clients the best authentic Neapolitan pizza you could have in Tallinn. The key to their deliciousness is that their pizzas are handmade with love and care and are cooked in their special modern pizza oven for the best taste. They can guarantee that every pizza will leave anyone wanting more! 


What do they offer for an Erasmus student with ESNcard?

Exclusively for ESNcard owners they offer -10% off on all of their pizzas (please note that if the place offers other discounts for pizzas that guarantee a bigger discount, both discounts cannot be combined, only one discount offer can be used on that order).

Naked Pizza & Wine is open every day from 17:00 until late at night, just for you.