Libreria Morlacchi

Located in the heart of the city center, Libreria Morlacchi has provided for over 40 years everything students need for their academic life. If you are looking for a textbook used in the last two years in any university faculty in Perugia, they will most likely have it immediately available. Libreria Morlacchi also offer a printing service that you can use to print your class notes in a bookbinder, travel pictures in high quality or your thesis in textured paper and elegant hardcover.  Libreria Morlacchi is also a photocopy shop on demand: there you can create brochures, flyers, print thesis and more.

With your ESN card you will receive the following discounts on top of any current discounts:

- 5% discount on new textbooks

- 30% discount on used textbooks

- 10% discount on printing services

- 10% discount on stationary products (office supplies, writing materials, pens etc)

Don’t hesitate, search for your books and consult all printing services to make your academic life easier with Libreria Morlacchi!

Phone: 075 572 5297