Providing maximum convenience for students and landlords, offering innovative services and a clean business model. With a completely new approach and innovative services in the accommodation market, finding and booking a new home with Inlife becomes a very special experience.


Their Mission

Finding the right accommodation for students and professionals is at the heart of everything they do. They want to help Inlifers make wise decisions when choosing their new home in Portugal. They believe the traditional options available to find an accommodation – based on photos, recorded videos and descriptions of the houses – are not the best in terms of expectations and overall satisfaction, often leading to poor decisions and doubtful house rentals, which later on will generate disappointment with the place booked.


So they work with the local landlords in each city, making it possible to find, analyze and select a broad offer of apartments that fit the needs of each of the students and professionals. Having local Inlife Advisors in each city and always offering the possibilif visiting the places before booking, they are able to increase the safety and overall satisfaction for tenants and reduce the risk and headaches for landlords.



The promotion includes:

  • 25% discount in the booking fee

In order to access the discount, apply the promocode ESNLISBOA00 when finalizing the booking process in the Inlife platform.