Looking for a nice Breda gift? Or a sentimental souvenir to remember your time in Breda by?

Then go and check out the InBreda Shop! 

From cool posters, over local beers, all the way to Christmas tree ornaments. If it comes to souvenirs about Breda it's easy to say that this is the best place to find one! 


Our deal for you: 

1. ESN-Package for 15€


  • The Breda calendar
  • The Breda kwartet game
  • And the Breda poster 

2. 10% Discount on everything!

(excluding the ESN-Package)


The InBreda Shop is 24/7 available online (see "Partner Website" on the left), but also regularly opens a Pop-Up store which you can currently find at:

Het Sas 8 (Beleef building)

4811WC Breda


TIP: Don't forget to bring your ESN card when going to the Pop-Up store!