A piece of sunny Cuba in Estonia


What is Havanamoderna?
Simply put the best Cuban dance studio in Tallinn! Hansel Rivero, the company's best dance teacher, knows all about Cuban dances: salsa, urban kiz, reggaeton, bachata, you name it! He is very passionate about dancing and will put you in a good mood with his positive energy any time, even if you want to have private lessons with him!


When can I go and dance?
Typically, they have timetables for beginners to advanced to expert dancers. It's the best to check their classes and information on their website or contact them on their social media! ESN Tallinn most often organizes events together with Havanamoderna in the beginning of each semester so don't miss out on the chance as they sometimes have free classes with ESN sections!


That's amazing! If I want to continue taking dance classes with Havanamoderna, is there a discount with ESNcard?
Yes, there's a -25% discount off ALL dance classes with ESNcard! So don't be afraid to let your inner hidden Cuban sun shine!