Gelato Ladies

The most flavorful gelato ice cream in Tallinn!


What makes Gelato Ladies the perfect place for ice cream?

Gelato Ladies offers gourmet ice cream that focuses on its flavor and texture  - hence the Italian name "gelato"! They make their own gelato at their ice cream café, handmade with all sorts of ingredients and flavorings you can imagine. Note that the flavors change according to the season (don't forget to try their gingerbread cookie gelato during Christmastime)!

Wow, the gelato really looks delicious! How much gelato can an ESNcard owner get?

For ESNcard owners, they offer a great discount deal of extra ball scoop on top of a 2 ball cup or waffle. This means you can get 2 balls and 1 for free (2=3) per waffle/cup! So go ahead and enjoy all that gelato as much as you can and want!


Gelato Ladies is open every day from 12:00 until 19:00, with the exception of Fri-Sat when they close an hour later at 20:00.