Fuori Orario - Olympvs Event

Are you looking for a crazy night that will make you feel like Olympians? This is what you are looking for!
At Fuori Orario you will find music, drinks, fun... and a real train!

Discounts for esncard's owners

  • 5€ for bus from Reggio Emilia + entry ticket
  • 5€ drink with 1 alcoholic base (e.g. vodka lemon, gin tonic, etc)
  • 10€ Arci card valid until december 2024 and in the other Arci places

The party will be on these dates:

  • 7 ottobre 2023
  • 11 novembre 2023
  • 23 dicembre 2023
  • 2 marzo 2024
  • 13 aprile 2024

You can take the shuttle from Piazzale Fiume in Reggio Emilia but you have to book your seat!