Planning your Erasmus year abroad and want to save 10 Euro on your next flight? FLYLA offers cheap students flights and offers CO2-compensation with no additional cost.

Enrolled and registered students receive access to an exclusive pool of tickets. FLYLA is constantly negotiating new deals and building up on existing partnerships with well-known airlines such as Eurowings, Etihad Airways and the Lufthansa Group. 


Whether it's a weekend trip, a vacation during the semester break or a flight to study abroad, FLYLA is providing you with the best tickets to worldwide destinations.

Every booking is compensated through Gold Standard certificates by First Climat

e. For every short-haul flight FLYLA plants at least one and for every long-haul booking up to three trees. The trees are planted by Eden Reforestation Projects in Nepal, Madagascar, Haiti, Indonesia, Mozambique and Kenya.

How to use the voucher:
Plan your trip and select your flight on
Before proceeding to payment, redeem your voucher save 10,00 Euro on your selected connection.

Welcome on board and enjoy your flight!
Terms and conditions:
A cash payout of the voucher amount is not possible. The resale and the publication of the voucher is strictly prohibited.