Desire Bar

Desire Bar is a brand new bar located at the entrance to the old town. This bar is dedicated to elegant cocktails made by professional bartenders.

In this bar everyone will find a place to relax their mind and enjoy delicious sushi accompanied by their favourite drink. In this cocktail house we make not only drinks from the menu, but also classic cocktails. In addition,  are not youonly supposed to drink alcohol, because our friendly bartenders also make mocktails! For beer lovers, there is Guinness and Etonian lager on tap.

 This bar is also about art, on the walls you will find stunning paintings by Lev Roosileht and if you really love them (because we do) you can take them home for a fair price.

Let me introduce you to the kitchen. We serve Asian cuisine. On the menu you can find poke bowls, sushi, miso soups, nigiri, snacks and even tacos (based on nori)! Another big advantage of our kitchen is that it works until 00:00 during the week and until 1:00 on Fridays and Saturdays, amazing, right? And if you are still not impressed, you should come and see for yourself.