Colette Club

Private rooms from 400 euros per month!

Colette helps you find an accomadation in parisians' homes who have a spare room for duration of 3 to 12 months. Take part in this beautiful experience of intergenerational living! 


About your room : 

- Colette visits every room available on the website and meet with the hosts. 

- Your room will be eligible for housing benefit (APL)


About the hosts : 

- They are all +55 years old, in perfect health. There is no service to be rendered to the hosts, you remain completely independent. Colette meets every host.


How much does it cost ? 

- 38 euros per month (+ the rent) (with your ESNcard, the service fees don't apply on your first month, ask for the code!)

- You'll get an accomadation certificate and contract. You don't need to have a deposit and Colette will be your guarantor. 

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