Alex Iuliano Tattoo & Filippo Bianchi Piercer

If you are looking to make permanent on your skin the memory of your Erasmus in Perugia, our partnership with Alex Uliano Tattoo & Filippo Bianchi Piercer is what you are looking for. The studio is located in the historic center of Perugia, in via Luigi Bonazzi 18.

Here are the discounts you will get by showing your ESN Card:

  • 2 small tattoos for the price of €50;
  • if a group of at least 10 people goes to make a piercing or a tattoo, each person will have a discount of 5 euros;
  • price list piercing with prices as attached.

Contacts: +39 3791823919 Alex (Tatoo), +39 3801559438 Angelica (Tatoo), +39 3203503002 Filippo (Piercing)