Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.)


You can get the ESNcard, if you belong to one of the following groups:

1- Erasmus+ programme: 

  • Study exchange
  • Traineeship/internship/apprenticeship/VET;
  • Erasmus Mundus Joint masters

Student mobility can be in any subject area/academic discipline. A study period abroad may include a traineeship abroad (work placement) period as well. This includes Digital Opportunity Traineeships for students and recent graduates to further develop or acquire digital skills.

2- European Solidarity Corps (ESC)

Individuals who enrol in volunteering, traineeship, jobs or local solidarity projects under the framework of European Solidarity Corps.

3- Mobility programme - other :

  • Study exchange
  • Traineeship/internship/apprenticeship
  • Volunteer (non-ESN)

Mobility project for higher education students under a programme of studies other than the Erasmus+. 

4- International undergraduate or postgraduate full degree students

Tertiary education students who are internationally mobile - students from abroad that undertake tertiary level studies (university/college) in a country other than the one in which they completed their secondary education.

5- ESN Volunteer/Alumni

Any individual who is registered as an active member or alumnus/a at ESN Account

6- Buddy/Mentor/Mobility ambassador

Individuals who contribute to international mobility through:

Improving the welcome phase and the integration of international students;

Developing the internationalisation of local students by promoting intercultural exchange and open-mindedness;

Strengthening student mobility facilities (university and associations) and enable the local stakeholders to develop long-lasting partnerships by providing them with common communication, facilitation and training tools.

Find definitions of each category and the required proof of status here.


If you are a student, but you are not taking part in a mobility programme, you can always join our organisation as a volunteer in your local section and help to organise activities or fulfil other administrative and coordinating tasks. ESN volunteers are also members of our organisation with the same rights and advantages.

No, only if you are part of one of the categories mentioned in “Who can get the ESNcard?”

Age is not a condition to get the ESNcard.


You need to contact the local ESN section from your city or university and check if they distribute the ESNcard. If yes, you can get the ESNcard from them and enjoy its benefits.

ESNcards are exclusively distributed by ESN sections. You need to contact the ESN section from your city or university and check if they distribute the ESNcard online.

No, ESNcards are only distributed in the countries where ESN is present.

You can try to get an ESNcard by contacting your closest ESN section or the ESN's national organisation in your receiving country. However, due to legal requirements, obtaining an ESNcard in a different section not registered at your destination university is not always a possibility.

You need to visit the local section and bring:


  • a printed colour passport photo
  • your ID/passport
  • a document proving your mobility status (such as a Learning Agreement, Training Agreement, Acceptance Letter, etc.).

General enquiries

The cost of membership (and the ESNcard) varies from one ESN section to another depending on the benefits they offer. You should check with the ESN section that corresponds you according to your university of destination..

The card is valid for 12 months from the date of acquisition . The acquisition date is written on the ESNcard by the section that distributes it to you.

You need to contact the ESN section which you are a member of, to see how you can get a new one. Once you have a new ESNcard, just go to My Account>Edit and add your new ESNcard number and expiration date to your profile.

You can always renew your membership in an ESN section, as long as you are still part of one of the categories mentioned in “Who can get the ESNcard?”.

ESNcards are not valid student cards, which are exclusively supplied by universities. You can benefit from the ESNcard discounts, but ESNcards are not always accepted for regular student discounts.

The ESNcard is valid for 12 months from the date set in the front side. As long as your ESNcard has not expired, you can use it for all ESNcard discounts in Europe.

Discounts and events

You can check all discounts on Depending on the sections, you can usually take part in ESN events at a reduced price with the ESNcard. Contact your ESN section for more details.

Only ESNcard owners can benefit from ESNcard’s advantages, unless otherwise stated by the ESNcard partner.

Usually yes, but in some countries/cities this is not possible due to different applicable laws. Please check with the section organising the event/activity.