Tuk Tuk Tejo

ESN Lisboa gives you and your family 15% discount in all tours!

There are only two things that could lead a Portuguese professional to give up his successful career and change his life:  his family and his city.  That’s how it began.  In a short time, a simple idea became a reality. 

The reasons to visit and stay in Lisbon are many.  All we can say is that it is great to feel at home in Lisbon. 

To get to know a place, a city or a country, you have to discover its culture and gastronomy, but above of all, you must get to know the people.

Tejo Tourism guided tours are conducted by local guides that have an education in tourism and leisure. They have in-depth knowledge of the history, culture, art and architecture of Lisbon and Portugal and are truly in love with our city and country. Don’t expect a conventional guide with prefabricated discourses. 

Get ready to be surprised and to share experiences!

In order to access your discount, just send an email to info@tejotourism mentioning ESN Lisboa and your intention to book a tour with them and all the details, alongside a photo of your ESNcard. They will then explain you the procedure.

Any questions you may have feel free to contact us through our e-mail address parcerias@esnlisboa.org