Tuk Tuk Tejo

WHO WE ARE?There are only two things that could lead a Portuguese professional to give up his successful career and change his life:  his family and his city.  That’s how it began.  In a short time, a simple idea became a reality. 


We envisioned sharing with the tourists who visit us the joy that we feel when Lisbon greets us with her unique light reflected in the Tagus (the Tejo as we call it), the magic that is felt each time we loose ourselves in the narrow and windy streets of it’s many neighborhoods, or the satifaction of seating ourselves in a typical restaurant accompanided by a beautiful plate of grilled fresh sardines and a great glass of wine.

 The reasons to visit and stay in Lisbon are many.  All we can say is that it is great to feel at home in Lisbon. 



Tuk Tuk Tejo is a new way of seeing, feeling, and experiencing the life of  Lisbon.  We want to offer our clients a fun and personalized way of getting to know the city.  Visits are lead by professionals trained in the area of leisure and tourism with in depth knowledge of the history, culture, art and architecture of Lisbon.  Experience Lisbon with our passion! Get to know the city like we do!




Because there are streets, alleys, and little squares in Lisbon which only a tuk-tuk can get to.  Because you will have experienced guides at your disposal and your visit can be personalized.  Because it offers you a unique experience which is intimate, exciting, and enriching.


Special conditions for students and family on presentation of ESNcard:

- 15% discount in all tours (E-TukTuk, segway and van) to ESNCard holders and family

Any questions you may have feel free to contact us through our e-mail address parcerias@esnlisboa.org