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RoomEscape Zagreb

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Culture & Leisure Zagreb, Croatia

Have you ever asked yourself what it would feel like to rob a bank, or become a secret agent who has to save the world from a nuclear disaster?

Well now you can try in Croatia’s very first RoomEscape, opened in Zagreb.

"Room Escape" or "Escape from the room" games are a hit around the world, and now they’ve come to us. "Real life" games were created by transferring game logic from the virtual world into the real world, where they’ve kept the essential elements of time, solving logic problems, and excitement, while making the experience becomes tangible and are happening is the real world.

In RoomEscape Zagreb there are two themed rooms; deactivating nuclear bombs and saving the world, and curing a zombie virus. Teams consisting of 2 - 5 players. Players must thoroughly explore the room, move things, solve puzzles and discover the codes that allow them to complete the task. You don’t need to be a world class athlete, only a good attitude and a desire for something new. Good teamwork, perception, and logic are the key to solving the task. The game lasts 60 minutes. If players get stuck on a task, they can ask for assistance. It won’t cost them anything, only bring them closer to the goal of the game. Seek, find, connect, and collaborate while the watch is ticking.

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Ulica kneza Mislava 15
10000 Zagreb

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