As a local family-owned company, Parpalandia focuses on small group authentic experiences. They offer husky safaris, snowmobile and nature tours. Parpalandia is located about 50 km from Rovaniemi in the middle of Arctic nature, which gives it a more private feeling. Moreover, you can enjoy a peaceful atmosphere and unspoiled nature. Not only Parpalandia can offer husky safari, but also you can enjoy many more fun activities by request. They are open every day of the year, so you can enjoy both summer and winter activities in Parpalandia.

In addition, you'd have an option to have two cottages in Parplandia. Their accommodation is perfect for those looking for accommodation outside of the city to enjoy their holiday in Lapland. It is also a great option for groups and dog lovers because the husky farm is right close by! Dreamy, isn't it?