Latin Secrets

Psst! - Do you want to know the secret to how you can learn to dance?


Come and join the fun at Latin Secrets! Meet new friends while learning all about the passionate dancing of Salsa, Bachata and more!

No matter if you already have some experience or if you are a total beginner, Latin Secrets offers courses for everyone! Each Course is 10 weeks long and fun is guaranteed!

(More information and their calendar can be found on their website or on their social media)


“Our programs are full of fun activities with strong and professional dance techniques” - Sita Sojintarit, owner of Latin Secrets


So don't be shy and pop in for a FREE trial lesson!

... and we don't just mean the girls here! wink


With the ESN Deal:

You will be granted a 20% discount on their courses. 


TIP: Don't forget to mention that you have an ESNcard at the beginning.