The Lancelot is a historic address in the San Lorenzo district, a pub with an authentic flavor that has been open for many years now, a true home of university students and a simple and cheerful clientele, looking for a place to drink good beer, have a chat and play with table games.

A pub where you can spend quiet evenings in a friendly environment and spend very little.

The entrance to the restaurant is almost hidden, a small dark door without a sign, where you go down the stairs to enter like a cave. And as if by magic a large room will open before your eyes, with tables, stools, sofas and other chairs of very small dimensions, chandeliers that fall from the ceiling emanating a warm and soft light, brick walls and vaulted arches to access the secondary rooms ... and you will have a pleasant feeling of welcome and warmth, but also
of great joy and courtesy. The furnishings are rustic, the atmosphere is that of real Italian pubs.

The menu is well stocked with regard to drinks, especially beers (draft and bottled, normal or correct), cocktails and spirits (whiskey, absinthe and first choice rum), but is scarce in terms of catering: to accompany the you can only order snacks or some cold dish. To spend an evening having fun and different from the usual it is also possible to rent, at a minimum price, one of the many table games available. The prices are quite low and the service is fast and courteous.
A popular pub for young people and students from the nearby Sapienza University, with anintimate but lively atmosphere, the Lancelot is the ideal destination for groups of friends, or even for couples, looking for a carefree evening, in a location that is always ready to welcome its customers with great simplicity and involvement.

1€ discount on cocktails and medium beers

0.50€ discount on small drink