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L & L is Oporto's newest and cutest bike rental shop. We have female and male bike models with 18 speed gears that will enable you to deal with Oporto's downtown hilly geography, while giving you velocity riding Douro's riverbank on your way to the beach. We are located in the heart of the historical centre at Largo de S. Domingos, at the end of Rua das Flores and a few meters from S. Bento train station. A perfect location! But to be even perfect just check this promo we have for IESN-Porto ERASMUS students.

  1. "2 becomes 3" - For 2 bikes/hours you get the 3rd free (extra bike/extra hour).
  2. Rent for 1 month - 25€
  3. Rent for 3 month - 50€

For the point 1 you have to leave 100€ deposit or your 20€ plus some document (driving license for example).For the point 2 or 3 you only have the option of 100€ deposit.

For the short duration rentals you have the following prices:

  • 2,5€ per hour;
  • 10€ full day;
  • 15€ 24 hours;
  • 25€ 48 hours;

Just choose your bike!! :D


Lopes & Lopinhos
Largo São Domingos no 13, 2nd floor
4050-253 Porto

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