JIMS Fitness

We imagine that all of you on Erasmus are here to have the most awesome time possible! Unfortunately, constantly having fun sometimes isn’t that great for your fitness level…

Don’t worry though! ESN Leonardo Kortrijk has you covered! One of our new, but very awesome partners this year happens to be JIMS Fitness! Kortrijk is lucky to have one of the many departments of this quality fitness chain in its city, and even luckier that they have prepared a sweet deal for Kortrijk’s Erasmus students!

Holders of an active ESNcard will be able to sign a 4 month subscription (worth €156,96, including €49 starting fee) for just under €80! No Belgian bank account needed as well, they will simply ask you to pay the amount upfront. Of course, don’t forget to bring your ESNcard when subscribing.

You can’t say we’re not trying to keep you guys healthy ;)

In short :4 month subscription = 80 euro instead of 156,96