IFIXIT Hrvatska

IFIXIT is primarily iPhone, iPad and Mac service. Fast, affordable and efficient!

Besides Apple, we service other devices, sell accessories for Apple products and we do unlocking for every smartphone!

Over 90% of the repairs are gonna be delivered in not more than 30 mins with a FREE MALFUNCTION DIAGNOSTIC! Our GUARANTEE is valid for 3 or 12 months!

ESNcard benefits:

15% off on every phone, tablet or laptop service

10% off for unlocking all devices

5% off for buying new devices


IFIXIT Hrvatska

Shop 1: Hebrangova

Adress: Hebrangova 13, Zagreb

Mobile: +385 99 4848 481

E-mail: hebrangova@ifixit.hr

Shop 2: Radnička (Green Gold)

Adress: Radnička 52, Zagreb

Mobile: +385 99 4848 482

E-mail: radnicka@ifixit.hr

Shop 3: Vlaška

Adress: Vlaška 78, Zagreb

Mobile: +385 99 4848 483

E-mail: vlaska@ifixit.hr

For more information, please contact us on www.ifixit.hr