Göl Patisserie



This is the main branch of Göl patisserie. Its location is near the Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences of Dokuz Eylul University. this branch is located in a crowded area of Buca and you can hardly find calm, but fortunately, this does not affect its quality, the cakes and sweets here are just as delicious as they are in their other branches. Göl patisserie is located next to Hasanağa Bahçesi. Hasanağa Bahçesi is one of the biggest parks in Izmir, it has basketball courts and tennis courts in it. If you are a social person head on there after you drink your coffee at  Göl patisserie, and make yourself some new friends. If you say that no I like the tranquility of solitary then grab yourself a book and go read some books in the park.

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