Exki is a restaurant café which offers to its customers fresh and good quality food from breakfast to lunch. All its food and drink are made with fresh and natural ingredietns. Exki's cafès are cozy and peaceful places where yu can relax and enjoy delicious food.

From 17.09.2018 Exki offers to every student with ESN and Exki cards 5% of discount plus bonus recharge to use in all the consumptions in every Exki Restaurant.

All the students who have ESN and Eski cards have also the opportunity to ask for:

    ⁃    Menu caffetteria: tea or coffee or cappuccino + dessert

    ⁃    Menu juice bar: bottle of juice + dessert

You can have access to the menús every moment of the day you want, as long as the products are available.

What is the EXKI CARD?

ExKI CARD is a fidelity card: it’s free, nominative and personal, usable also as a prepaid card which can be recharged with cash, debit or credit cards and also getting bonus credit proportionally to how much you will recharge.

The Exki card is free, you just have to fill the form that you will receive during the subscription.

In case of loss, you can ask directly at the cashier the substitution of a new card with the same credit and the same conditions of the other card. The complete regulation is available in all the Exki Restaurants.

Other advantages:

    ⁃    In all the restaurants it’s available a WiFi network.

    ⁃    Every day after 3PM all the products with the red sticker have a discount of 50%.

How to make use of the advantages of the convention?


    1.    Going to the closest Exki Restaurant-Cafe and asking for the ExKi Card: the first time you will need your ESN card and you will have to specify that you take part of the CONVENTION ESN ERASMUS.

    2.    Filling the form and giving it back to the cashier, bearing in mind not to forget anything. If you won’t fill every box, it won’t be possible to have the ExKi Card.

    3.    Charging money on the ExKi Card: you can charge how much money you want and use the card as an electronic purse, from which it will be taken the the amount of the done consumption, including the discounts and/or the bonus reserved for you. Once you finished your bonus credit, you will have to do another recharge.

    4.    Using the ExKi card for payments: the cards are active since the first use.

    5.    The ExKi card is personal and reserved to a single user.

    6.    The convention will be available for one year, it will automatically renovate and its valid for all ESN Erasmus students in all the ExKi Italia.