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ESN Zagreb Bag

Pay 70kn for ESN Zagreb Bag/ ESN Zagreb package 85kn
Shopping Zagreb, Croatia


1. POSTCARDS, you can choose from 4 different themes with typical sights of Zagreb and make your friends at home jealous by showing them how awesome is your Erasmus experience here. You get one great postcard for 5kn

2. COKANCIC, a little bottle perfect for rakija or any other type of alcohol, and it can be a great gift for your friends at home. This cool little bottle is just 15kn

3. ESN ZAGREB BAG, it's a must have accessory, and it's not just pretty but it also has a map of trams in Zagreb on the backside, so you never get lost again This awesome piece is 90kn without ESNcard/ 70kn with ESNcard

4. ESN ZAGREB PACKAGE, ESN Zagreb bag, 2x postcard and a small rakija container (cokancic) only 85 kn with ESNcard!!!!

The location of our gift shop is already known to you, it's in our office! Zvonimirova 8, this week it's going to be open on Monday 10-14h and Thursday 14-18h. So, come and get your souvenirs!!

Zvonimirova ulica 8
10000 Zagreb

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ESN Zadar Zgrada DHM-a Ruđera Boškovića 5 23000 Zadar Croatia