Breakout Porto - Escape Games

Breakout presents in Porto an extraordinary escape game. The venue is composed by several connected rooms filled with an impressive and interactive scenario, interactive lights, sound effects and chilling atmosphere. Come experience a new adventure full of suspense, mystery and action. Work as a team to search for clues, unlock secrets and solve riddles and open the passages to your escape! We have a great challenge waiting for you in Porto! Leave the couch and the small screen, bring your friends and decide the outcome of the movie yourself. Will you stay behind or are you the KEY PIECE?

About the scenario:

In a secret area lays a hidden bio research facility. The contact with the facility residents has been lost quite some time ago. A research team was dispatched to this location to investigate what happened there and also vanished without a trail. The only thing left of their mission was the classified report of communications during the operation. A new team of researchers will be dispatched to this location. The mission: solve what happened in Area 10, extract proves, research results and breakout!


  • 2 to 6 people: 15% discount (except saturdays)
  • 7 to 10 people: 20% discount (except saturdays)

You just need to show your ESNcard. :)