Beyond Arctic

What's Northern Lights like? How does it feel like to go fishing on ice? or simply want to get sporty with some adventurous skiing? Beyond Arctic is your answer!

In 2013, the idea of Beyond Arctic was born. In 2016, the company was established. In 2020, Beyond Arctic is the leading photography tour and small-group adventure operator in Rovaniemi and thousands of guests join our adventures every year. It's amazing how our partner has grown throughout the years, and is promising to rise even higher in the future! This is why we are partnering up with them, because we know you are in for a treat when choosing Beyond Arctic to experience the best of Rovaniemi! 

Beyond Arctic offers you, those who have ESNcard, amazing opportunities to discover the Northern Lights, our most popular natural phenomenon that attracts thousand of visitors every year. Moreover, with ESNcard, you can also get discount while doing ice-fishing tour and backcountry skiing. You want more? Beyond Arctic only does small groups, so each of you will be taken care of in a personalised way. In addition, our partner makes sure that their activities are carried out in the most sustainble way as possible, because our Lapland's nature is much precious to all of us!

Note that the discount is applicable ONLY for these 3 tours (More details about the tours can be found from our partner's website):

1. Discover the Northern Lights

2. Backcountry skiing adventure

3. Ice fishing on a frozen lake

You can book via online webshop, send request to or book on spot. Remember to use our discount code and also, show your ESNcard when arriving to the place as we will check if you are holding a valid ESNcard!