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Price reduction on office supplies and books
Shopping Antwerpen, Belgium

A 10% price reduction on office supplies and books.

The “Academic Cooperative” (ACCO) was founded in Leuven by and for students and incorporates a publishing house and printing office, as well as bookshops across Belgium. Its purpose has always been to provide syllabuses and textbooks at reasonable prices, in close collaboration with university and college teachers.

Besides these syllabuses, ACCO’s bookshops offer a wide range of required and recommended reading material, dictionaries, scientific books, novels, office and computer supplies, stationery, etc.

If you are staying in Belgium for a while, you may find it worthwhile to buy a share in ACCO. It’s a one-time investment of 31 € from which you will profit for the rest of your life: as a shareholder you are entitled to a 25% discount on ACCO syllabuses and 15% on office supplies and books published by ACCO. In addition members also benefit from special offers in our (web)shop.”

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